Speed of Sound, Inc. (SoS) provides labor intensive speech services such as speech data collections and speech transcriptions for the computer speech industry. Since 2001 companies and researchers have trusted us to collect thousands of hours of speech in environments ranging from automobiles (even using a bluetooth mic channel), offices, homes, hotels, buses, and restaurants. Anywhere you need speech collected we can and will go! SoS has performed speech collections in every dialectal region of the U.S. while steadily building our diverse participant database over the last ten years. As a result, SoS can quickly and affordably recruit, schedule and record multiple channel speech collections with speed and efficiency. The fruits of our labors can be found in many of the major computer, automotive and mobile devices throughout the world.

SoS was created to help companies that need or want to outsource these speech services for application specific speech tasks. SoS is ideally streamlined to perform speech collections and their subsequent annotations for the computer speech recognition industry.