Current Projects

Kids Project Boston: Current
Date: March 2015
Location: Boston
Age: 4-7


We are looking for children ages 4-7 to help with our New England kids speech project.  The study will take an hour and we will pay you $100. If you have multiple children within the age range you would receive $100 per child. 

The data collected will be used to help create interactive learning software for children. The children will sit in front of a computer screen and be shown pictures of animals or shapes and be asked to describe what they see. There is no "right or wrong" answer as we are only looking to record their speech. There will also be very easy reading of short words such as, "See spot run", etc. For any child who can not read, either you they can just repeat the phrases.

The speech will not be broadcast or used in any way other than helping computers understand the speech of young children from the NE region. 

To participate, you and your child would come to our recording office in Downtown Boston. You will be able to be with your child during the duration of the data collection.  We will be open after school and weekends to accommodate you and your child's schedule.

If you are interested please email us the following:

Where you (parent) were raised:
Where your child was raised:
Age of Child:
Are you and your Child Native English Speakers (Y/N):
Contact Number:

We plan to begin late March but would like to begin scheduling next week so if you are interested please contact us ASAP.

One note, although the children do not have to be exceptional readers, they must be able to comfortably talk in front of people. In addition, the children must be able to be still for about 45-60 minutes while speaking. If your child is overly fidgety this may not be a great fit.

Lastly, we understand that parents are quite protective about their children, which is why we have all our information online and we encourage you to call if you have any questions at all!