Data Collection

Speed of Sound is equipped to collect analog and digital telephone speech, cell speech, sms collections, and in-vehicle speech.  SoS performs custom collections to meet  client specifications in several languages.  We have collected speech collections in various languages and environments.  We have perfromed collections in isolation booth, sports cars, coffee shops, restaurants, buses, etc..  Speed of Sound is also expert in collecting speech from mobile devices including recording Bluetooth channels.   Let us know what your data collection needs are and we can customized your speech collection within days.

Speed of Sound collection services include protocol design, subject recruitment and recording. In addition, our technicians and linguists will work together to craft the proper prompt interactions for spontaneous speech, phonetically balanced speech, and conversational speech.

We assure targeted yet diverse subject sets compiled from numerous sources to match your project's demographic and dialectal requirements. Bear in mind that we are set-up to do any speech collection you may need to matter how exotic.