Past Projects

In-Office Collection

We were collecting speech in our offices but this is now complete.  Our goal is 50 Spanish speakers with a variety of dialects. Participants will be asked to read phrases while wearing headphones which is playing a low level static noise. We are testing to see how different levels of noise effects speech. Each session takes approximately 60. Professional recording experience is not necessary. We especially need people from South Mexico, Cuba and Puerto Rico (although other Spanish speakers are welcome). To be clear you must have been raised in a Spanish speaking household to participate.

Compensation: $50 cash

French Canadian Collection

We are collecting speech of French Canadian Speech. Participants will be recorded while in an office environment. We are looking for a variety of different French Canadian accents. These recordings take about 1 hour and are by appointment only. Professional recording experience is not necessary.

Compensation: $50 cash


Collected calls from several hundreds of U.S. Spanish speakers from across the U.S. Speakers were asked to read from a script for 60 minutes. SoS collected all voice recordings within a month.

Kids Speech

SoS was granted access to Boulder Public Schools and recorded and transcribed hundreds of hours of elementary school children reading and summarizing from books. Recently we have collected several hundered children's voices to improve speech recognition for a major video game platform.

Car Collection

Performed a dialectally balanced collection of 400 U.S. speakers in a variety of driving scenarios using a fleet of cars- in ONE month!

Foreign Language

In addition to many French and Spanish telephony collections we have collected hundreds of hours of conversations of Iraqi natives speaking in conversational speech with native and non-native speakers. SoS has also recently collected thousands of speech samples from U.S. Spanish Speakers from across the U.S.


We collected over 400,000 messages online from thousands of participants in the U.S. and Canada (French Canadian) for an SMS collection to help create the next generation of SMS messaging.

Bryon US English and Spanish 2012

We are looking for US English and US Spanish Speakers.  Ages 18-80.  We do not need any more people from the West (Colorado or West of) but we do need people from the South, New England, MidWest, and North.

We also need Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans and people form Central and South America

Payment is 50 for US English and $60 for US Spanish.  Study takes about 60-75 minutes.


If interested please contact us at for the US English and for Spanish.

Call Center Collection

We are looking for US English  Speakers.  Ages 18-80.  This collection requires two people.  One person will play the part of a customer service rep at a call center and the other person plays the part of an angry customer calling in to complain.  You get to let them really have it!   There is no dialectal breakdown so all people are welcome.  If you are interested please email us at   The project should take 45-60 minutes and pays $40 cash.  You should only contact us if

Payment is $40 for US English speakers 18-80 and $60 for US Spanish.  Study takes about 60-75 minutes.


Again, if interested please contact us at

Boston Project Apollo

We are looking for Native US English Speakers.  Ages 18 and up.  This collection is starting July 24th and goes until late September. And it's easy!  You will be helping with a language and microphone study.  For this project you will come to one of our Boston locations.  We are interested in all US Native English speakers. Therefore if you have the sterotypical "pahk the cah in havahd yahd" type of accent great!  But  even if you are not a native Bostonian and have a different accent (or even no accent) we still would love to use you.  All  are welcome as long as you are 18 and US English is your Native language).  If you are interested please email us at   The project should take 120 minutes and pays $75 cash.  We are exploring the option of a $78 dollar visa gift card so let us know if you would prefer that to the cash.  As always, you should only contact us if you are serious about the commitment you make.

We would need the following info in the email:



Where you obtained whatever accent you feel you have:

Favorite Color: (Not really for this one.  That's our idea of a joke.)

Summary: Boston Metro Language and Microphone Recording (No Personal Information Recorded) Payment is $75 for US English speakers 18-80. Study takes about 120  minutes. July 29th- End of September .  Need lots and lots. Easy Money. Fun.  Why are you still reading, email us already :)


If interested to schedule or just have question please contact us at